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Lista Publicaciones 2004 (24)

  • M. A. Arillo, M. L. López, C. Pico, M. L. Veiga, G. Cuello, « Order-disorder transition and magnetic ordering in lithium-titanium ferrites»; Phisica B, 350, e301 (2004).
  • M. A. Arillo, G. Cuello, M. L. López, C. Pico, M. L. Veiga, «Crystal and magnetic structure of the system Li0.5+0.5xFe2.5-1.5xTixO4 (x=0.16, 0.44, and 0.72)»; Chem. Eur. J., 10, 5473 (2004).
  • J.M. Barandiarán, J. Gutiérrez, J. Rodríguez Fernández, M. Amboage, L. Righi, « Anomalous hysteresis and metamagnetism in Bi substituted perovskites»; Phisica B, 343, 379 (2004).
  • M. Castellote, C. Alonso, C. Andrade, X. Turrillas, J. Campo, « Composition and microstructural changes of cement pastes upon heating, as studied by neutron diffraction»; Cem. Concr. Res., 34, 1633 (2004).
  • J. Fernández-Urban, L. Mestres, M. L. Martínez-Sarrión, R. Marchand, G. J. Cuello, « New anion-defect scheelite oxynitrides in Sr(Ca)-Ln-W-O-N systems»; Silic. Indus., 69, 31 (2004).
  • C. Frontera, J. L. García-Muñoz, A. E. Carrillo, M. Hervieu, C. Martín, A. Llobet, A. Calleja, X. G. Capdevila, C. Ritter, « Magnetism of Bi0.75Sr0.25MnO3 and its dependence on bismuth concentration»; J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 272-276, 1734 (2004).
  • C. Frontera, J. J. García Muñoz, A. E. Carrillo, C. Ritter, D. Martín y Marero, A. Caneiro, « Structural and magnetic study of PrBaCo2O5+d (d ~ 0.75) cobaltite»; Phys. Rev. B, 70, 184428 (2004).
  • J. L. García-Muñoz, C. Frontera, A. Llobet, A. E. Carrillo, A. Caneiro, M. A. G. Aranda, C. Ritter, E. Dooryee, « Study of the oxygen-deficient double perovskite PrBaCo2O5.75»; Phisica B, 350, e277 (2004).
  • J. L. García-Muñoz, C. Frontera, A. Llobet, A. E. Carrillo, A. Caneiro, M. A. G. Aranda, M. Respaud, C. Ritter, E. Dooryee, « Magnetic and electronic properties of the oxygen-deficient PrBaCo2O5+d (d > 0.50)»; J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 272-276, 1762 (2004).
  • J. García Soldevilla, J. A. Blanco, J. Rodríguez Fernández, J. I. Espeso, J. C. Gómez Sal, M. T. Fernández-Díaz, J. Rodríguez-Carvajal, D. Paccard, « Complex magnetic ordering in NdNi1-xCux: Determination of the magnetic structure by neutron diffraction»; Phys. Rev. B, 70, 224411 (2004).
  • P. Gorria, J. S. Garitaonandía, R. Pizarro, D. Martínez-Blanco, J. Campo, F. Plazaola, «Crystallisation and polymorphic transformations in Fe-Zr amorphous alloys obtained by high- energy ball milling»; Phisica B, 350, e1075 (2004).
  • P. Gorria, D. Martínez-Blanco, J.A. Blanco, J.S. Garitaonandia, J. Campo, R. I. Smith, « Neutron powder thermo-diffraction: a very useful tool for the study of crystallisation kinetics and phase segregation in metastable materials»; Phys. Status Solidi (c), 1, 1965 (2004).
  • P. Gorria, D. Martínez-Blanco, J.A. Blanco, A. Hernando, J. S. Garitaonandia, L. Fernández Barquín, J. Campo, R. I. Smith, « INVAR effect in fcc-FeCu solid solutions»; Phys. Rev. B, 69, 214421 (2004).
  • J. Gutiérrez, J. M. Barandiarán, F.J. Bermejo, A. Peña, J. J. Blanco, T. Rojo, L. Fernández Barquín, C. Mondelli, M. A. González, « Spin-glass like behaviour in Fe-containing manganites»; J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 272-276, e983-e985 (2004).
  • P. Martín, M. L. López, M. L. Veiga, C. Pico, « Electronic and magnetic behaviour of Li(1+x)/2TixCr(5-3x)/2O4 spinels»; Solid State Sciences, 6, 325 (2004).
  • D. Martínez-Blanco, P. Gorria, J.A. Blanco, J. Campo, « Temperature induced structural changes in Fe50Cu50 powders studied by means of in situ neutron thermo diffraction»; Phisica B, 350, e1079 (2004).
  • A. Muñoz, J. A. Alonso, M. T. Casais, M. J. Martínez-Lope, J. J. Martínez, M. T. Fernández-Díaz, « Thermal evolution of the crystallographic and magnetic structure in LuVO3: A neutron diffraction study»; Chem. Mater., 16, 1544 (2004).
  • V. Recarte, J. I. Pérez-Landazábal, C. Gómez-Polo, « Analysis of the nanocrystalline phase in Fe73.5-xAxSi13.5B9Cu1Nb3 (A = Cr and Co) alloys»; Phisica B, 350, e135 (2004).
  • J. M. Rojo, J. L. Pizarro, L. M. Rodríguez-Martínez, M. T. Fernández-Díaz, J. Rodríguez Fernández, M. I. Arriortua, T. Rojo, «Magnetic structures of the B and C type Cr(PO3)3 metaphosphates»; J. Mater. Chem., 14, 992 (2004).
  • D. Rubi, C. Frontera, J. Fontcuberta, M. Wojcik, E. Jedryka, C. Ritter, «Ferromagnetic coupling in NdxCa2-xFeMoO6 double perovskites: Dominant band-filling effects»; Phys. Rev. B, 70, 94405 (2004).
  • A. Sanz, M. Jiménez-Ruiz, A. Nogales, D. Martín y Marero, T. A. Ezquerra, «Hydrogen-bond network breakage as a first step to isopropanol crystallization»; Phys. Rev. Lett., 93, 15503 (2004).
  • A. Señas, J. Rodríguez Fernández, J.C.Gómez Sal, J. Campo, G. André, «Following out-of-stoichiometry phase coexistence with neutron techniques»; Phisica B, 350, e115 (2004).
  • Señas, J. Rodríguez Fernández, J.C.Gómez Sal, J. Campo, J. Rodríguez Carvajal, «From ferromagnetism to incommensurate magnetic structures: A neutron diffraction study of the chemical substitution effects in TbPt1-xCux»; Phys. Rev. B, 70, 184425 (2004).
  • Sara Serena, Angel Caballero, M. Antonia Sainz, Pierre Convert, Javier Campo, Xavier Turrillas, «Neutron thermodiffractometry study of calcium zirconate/magnesium oxide formation in the ZrO2-CaO-MgO system»; J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 87, 1706 (2004).

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